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Greentea, Innisfree, Serum -

The Innisfree Green Tea Serum is a bit different than most other serums I've used. I use this every morning and night as a part of my regular routine *before* applying a toner. I know it's called a “serum”, but it acts more like a skin booster. It really helps with the absorption of the products following it during my  routine. A lightweight, refreshing, and moisturizing product that works great for me. I have sensitive skin that irritates easily but this green tea serum is mild enough not to cause any issues until now.  View it here

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Hairpack, Mini Review, Nature Republic -

I have thin straight hair that got slightly damaged from bleaching. It became difficult to shampoo evenly and it was extremely tangled and dry after showering. This Nature Republic argan pack made it look and feel so much better :) My hair is now smoother, softer, and shinier - and with what it feels like less split ends! The only downside is a texture that feels a bit heavy but definitely worth considering the pros of having a much softer and manageable hair.  View it here

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