Atopalm NB Soothing Gel

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Brand: ATO NB


  • 'cypress Oil', 'beta-glucan "should nourish and moisturize the dry and sensitive skin.
  • The oil for the skin, to adjust the water balance is managed by the healthy skin.
  • The professional management products that can be used for all sensitive and delicate skin.
  • Gives using botanicals to keep dry skin health.

Publisher: Puren

Details: Sense of those without stickiness, A rapid nutrition and hydration. Can I use the skin without any burden can use moist, light and soft and cool gel. Gel type that permeates into skin instantly and remains moisture. Moisturizing ingreient eases skin irritation and skin stress and soothes skin. Paraben and preservatives, phenoxyethanol, benzyl alchol, triethanolamine, ethanol, colors, talc, fragrance free.