Peripera Ink the Velvet

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One, Matte and Intense Color without Flaking! True Color Payoff - Powerful, ink-like color payoff in a single swipe. Velvet texture for soft, flake-free lips! Real velvety lips are ready with an intense color and matte finish.

Two, No Makeup Touch-up Necessary with This Intense Color with Lasting Power - Experience the same super lasting power of Peri's Ink. Your lips will stay looking fabulous even after eating and drinking all night! Intense, velvety smooth color that stays on all day!
- Matte, vivid color that stays put even after 6 hours!With this long-wearing lip color, you'll be proud of your perfect looking pout all day!
- Let the product dry for 5 minutes before pressing your lips together for increased lasting power.

Three, No More Dry Lips with Moisturizing Ingredients! Soft Lips with Matte Finish! - Are matte lip colors drying out your lips? Peri's Ink the Velvet is different. With moisturizing ingredients, it keeps the lips matte on the outside and moistured on the inside! The Lasting Fit Polymer complex helps both color and moisture last longer.
- Marine Collagen
- Hyaluronic Acid
- Organic Jojoba Oil
- Olive Oil
- Arnica Extract

How to create a gradient look!
STEP 1 Neutralize your lip color with a foundation or a concealer.
STEP 2 Dab Ink the Velvet in the middle of your bottom lip.
STEP 3 Gently press your lips together and blend out the edges with your fingertip. STEP 4 Your alluring, sexy gradient lips are completed!

[About Color]
No.1 Sellout Red
No.2 So Grapefruit
No.3 Inkrush Orange
No.4 WOW Pink
No.5 Inktude Rose
No.6 Celeb Deep Rose
No.7 Dollish Beige Rose
No.8 Pretty coral
No.9 Love Sniper Red
No.10 Ooops Fuchsia