Hera Sun Mate Essence Gel SPF40 PA++ 50ml

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Brand: Amore Pacific


  • A daily moisturizing gel sun block covering the skin smoothly like a moisturizing essence without white turbidity on skin
  • https://youtu.be/AltVYLmS7Cc
  • 지금 이 순간에도 끊임없이 내 피부를 자극하는 자외선 헤라 선 메이트 에센스 젤로 완벽하게 차단하세요. 헤라만의 Even ProtectionTM Technology로 완성된 혁신적인 젤타입으로 매끄럽게 스며들고 충분히 발라도 뭉침없이 산뜻하게! 이제 선 케어는 헤라 선 메이트 에센스 젤로 산뜻하고 완벽하게 하세요.

Details: [Direction] Apply during the last stage of your morning skin care routine. Apply an appropirate amount to the face, working from the center out. When Appling, be mindful of the forehead, nose ridge, and upper cheekbones where there is more sun exposure. Touch up areas that need UV protection during the day as often as possible. Be sure to not get any into your eyes. Wipe leftover content around the nozzle and close the lid tightly, then store in room temperature.
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